How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

There is nothing worse than creating a beautiful makeup look and then having half of it come off throughout the day. To ensure that your makeup will have full effect, start with a clean face after cleansing and you’ll be good to go. Here are my tips on making your makeup last longer. … More How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day


Beauty Wish List

Every time that I see a new beauty product review or release, I instantly want to try it out. This is not great for my bank account so I have to hold myself back and wait for Christmas or my birthday. I absolutely love trying out new products so here is a list of beauty products that I am dying to try out.  … More Beauty Wish List

Christmas Gift Ideas

As Christmas creeps upon us, the terrifying realisation that you need to find gifts for all of your family members sets in. It’s never too early to start preparing but sometimes you can really get stuck for ideas. I will be sharing some ideas with you in the hope that this gives you inspiration for finding gifts for your friends and family. … More Christmas Gift Ideas